Sunday, July 20, 2008

Political Stupidity!!

Well, the title could have been simply Political Acts which would obviously means stupidity!

Recently I happen to see a opposition party agitation in kerala where the party people were showing a comparative chart, comparing prices of goods when their party ruled and current. The list was like "Rice- Rs 10 then.. Rs 20 now... ..........etc etc "
And they were putting slogans saying usual 'Down with the govt' and all.

Well, haven't these people heard of inflation and global inflation data?? Price of a cup of tea was just 1or 2 paisa 50 years back, DOES that mean the government then was the best one??
Inflation in India is around 5-6 % average for past few years and this year it soured to 10+ levels and people started protesting!

If we take inflation data of any country in the world, India is far better!! Inflation in most middle east countries like UAE, Bahrain in around 15-20%!! US inflation also doubled! So is the case with china, and other emerging countries.

How can India be isolated from a Global Inflation Trouble? We too enjoyed good growth when the whole world was growing and we naturally will be affected by global climate!

Inflation is quite natural in any growing economy and it cannot be called a -ve aspect. Its actually an inevitable 'sign' of Growth. It seems like the political parties want our inflation to be zero!! They seemed to have forgotten the 8% average GDP growth we enjoying now.

All they care about is simple protesting whatever the govt do just to throw off the government!

Well, it reminds me of one famous real life quote from the legendary film maker Kamal Hasan.
When asked about entering politics, he gently replied "Am I that good in acting????"
In another occasion he replied "Sorry, I can't act the whole day!"


  1. u hav gt the inflation no. of china wrong.. its been less than 2% for long.. if i am correct..

  2. @don paul

    It was less than 2%.. but now it has quadrupled to around 8% or even more!! the same has happened in India also! from 5-6 to 10-12!!

  3. look at tis irony... congress led udf protesting against left led udf in kerala, where as left protesting against congress led upa at the centre, over price rise :)