Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Engineering College Life......

MAR ATHANASIOUS COLLEGE OF ENGG. Kothamangalam-- The great place where I did my engineering. The place where i have transformed from a boy who couldn't stand on stage and a real engineer..... making presentations infront of huge crowds.... I think my blog wont make any sense unless i write my college life here.... the place where i enjoyed a lot.... cried a lot..... worried a lot....and learned a lot.....

I dont remember the exact day on which i joined mace.. but it was in september..

I went with my mum on the welcome day. After the meeting.. we were taken to the CSE Dept by our group tutor Linda miss.

I remember noticing 2-3 faces. One was rosmy. i didnt know her name.. then i noted Rini.. (she was my class mate in nirmala).. and then MANU.. coz his parents and my mum talked.. and finally njanum manu-m relatives aayi! ALIYANs!

The first day at college. I took position in 1st or 2nd bench.. it was Vysakh whom i met first! we talked a bit and then what.. some seniors came and picked me! i was wearing full sleeves and shoes! enne avar onnu fire cheythu.. "nee enna kalyaanathinu povaanoda ______"

Njanum vittu koduthilla! "ivan aaru " enna mattil njanum thirichu mooppichu! avar poi!

Oru VIJAYITHANTE bhavathil njan classil chennu irunnu! 

1st day poi angine!  Ellam "Subham"

Next day or day after it.. i was sitting in some other bench.

2 seniors came and enquired for a guy who sat in 1st bench on 1st day!

Amme ! athu njan aanallo!!

Enne avar pidichu!

Pinne pooram allarno!! _&!($*^$* ( $!^*



Njan oru peace talk enna mattil  oru chettante kayyil kayari angu pidichittu 'HI" paranju!

Perum chodhichu!

Ente amoooo!!

Pinne )()!@()($) bahalam aarnu!

Appol athaa EEE - le oru sir kadannu vannu!

Sirne kandappol avar oooooodiiiiii..

Eveningil aa chettane pinnem kandu.. He was bit tensed whether i have complainted to sir..

He talked to me for a while.. and invited me to a DRINK party too! ( ofcourse, i turned down that invitation!)

EE raging kazhinjappol njan poi irunnathu Tarun te aduthaa! Annu thudangiyatha Tarun ayittula friendship! my first friend in MACE!

My friends count increased each female members so far...

1st year tour was to munnar. I found it difficult to take attendance during tour, as i didnt knew any girls names!

S3-S6 was a usual college life.... If i start to write about all the incidents, then it will take a whole day!

Tours, classile alambundaakkal.. 

there was a common thing which happened 1st week of every sem!
ME and MANU buys new notebooks and sits in front bench. with the intention of being 'padikkunna kutty'..
1 week work out aayi!! 2nd week onwards njangal veendum pazhaya 'alambu' payyanz!!

Things improved as I moved to S6.. This time i spent a reasonable amount of time for my studies. This is the sem when i felt like..the class was a family.... .. i was very committed to my class,, and was willing to do anything... i mean anything for the class!!

S7 was the most eventful semester. We enjoyed a 3 day trip for the first time in college life!! This is the time when i and elizabeth became close friends.. I prayed that my college life should never end... Saturdays and Sundays were most boring without class:( :( :(  I understood the meaning of the word 'loneliness' while in s7... i had this on all holidays...

This sem i took my studies very serious.. thanks to a dear friend of mine...:) |Combine studies started showing results... and I learned the importance of time and hardworking when i studied with this dear friend of mine....

S8 was a more like a smooth continuation of S7 but many bad incidents occured for me.. My professional life was booming with seminars, paper presentations... but my personal life took a beating.. I kept on failing continuously to hide my feelings.... I dont know how  I managed to finish the S8.... friendship...missings..... love... studies... brain was always full with something and i was always worried..

As in S7, I give 1st priority to studies and I think i topped in sessionals in class. and did very well for my universities as well.. :) .. I did hell lot of work with my dear friend in last 2-3 semesters to bring my aggregate to 72 from around 69

S8 ended... I dont much i cried..lying alone.. in my room.... oh .....God only knows how much pain...
The friendship with my dear one continued...though lot of misshaps occured...:)

I know i cant go back to my campus life ever... Have to accept the fact.. its over..... i will miss u all very much dear friends!!

During 4 years of engg.. college life, I learned a lot of thing.. I have changed a lot... I am no more afraid of anything.. I have a vision now... And the strength to reach there......

Now my next few years will be in Infosys... My MACE life has given me the foundation stones...for a tough life at Infosys..!:) ( dont know why...i like to lead a tough and busy life these days!!)



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  1. This own sounded really nostalgic....da....nice own..i too felt the same when i reachd the finishing lines of btech except for the study factor.....