Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Indian Youth's Laziness!!

Its been sometime since my course is over... And today I just thought a bit about what did i really do in these free time??

I have been asking this question to a lot of people, who have finished their courses and are either waiting for joining dates or a job. 

The most common reply is 'oh! nothing really.. just sitting idle...'

Other typical reply is 'as usual, tv, food, sleeping..'

I just dont know what happened to our youth.  One of the key advantage India has over other BRIC nations is its 'dynamic' and 'vibrant' youth. (the percentage of workable people in India is growing where as China is witnessing a drop in these workable population)

Recently I happened to see a post by some  graduate engineers who recently passed out and are waiting for the date of joining from a leading Software exporter. The youngsters are really frustrated with the delay in getting joining dates and they are telling like ' this company is wasting the youth by killing their time'..

I was shocked to read this!! People are sitting idle at home and are blaming  the company for destroying their time! Why dont these souls do something on their own and make best use of their time? People joining in software firms can learn a lot of technologies in these time..

When asked about this the typical reply goes like this ' we cant be sure which technology the company will be putting us in.So there is no point in learning anything coz we may be put in some other fields.!!! '

People are more focused on things that are beyond their control. What harm can it cause if we learn another programming language??

If this kind of laziness spreads through the brains of the so called 'dynamic and vibrant' youth of India, we will have to wait another 100 years before becoming a Global SuperPower.

See these quotes please..

ANNIE DILLARD:How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.

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