Saturday, July 19, 2008

Christian Priests - Irony

Got inspired to write this blog entry after reading about the 8 course dinner served at G-8 meeting @ Hokkeido in Japan, where they met to discuss how to handle world food crisis!!

The same kind of irony is found everywhere, particularly in preaching by christian priests. As per bible "those who have 2 dress, give 1 to the needy....." and the priests who preaches bible are the kind of people living luxurious than many of the average people. They keep on preaching about leading simple life and uses the luxury cars and other luxuries in life!!

I think our Mahatma Gandhi better followed Bible better than the christian missionaries! Mahatma says " Never demand anything from a person unless you yourself can show it by example." He lead by example and our priests doing just the opposite!! Coming in luxury cars to speak about leading simple life..

Remember during church festivals how many lakhs are spend for crackers, lighting and decoration, band sets etc... Seems like priest and other 'religious' people are blind to the poor people begging for a days bread while they march with the band set and all!!

This is worse than the G-8 meeting where country delegates discussed on solving world food crisis while enjoying a delicious 8 course dinner!!


  1. I am glad that you are seeing the truth

  2. hi cijo, happy to know that you are thinking, but let me state it your thought pattern is biased. judging everyone else is our pleasure, at the same time we do not look in to ourselves...
    my prayer is "Lord change the world, but start it from me..."

  3. @ siby..

    My post was just bringing out the irony!!!. I never said I'm doing better things than anyone, but i never preaches anyone anything which i cant do!!
    and this doesnt mean all priests or christians r like this!!

  4. Yeah i agree to cijo. But that often happens only in cities and towns.. Those priests who go to villages have dedicated themselves. Its a sad note that we find righteousness going down as said by the bible. But lets start looking at Jesus as our role model.

  5. Rofl... Sherikyum,how ironical...