Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quality of Enggineering College Graduates

Let me speak something about the quality of Engineering graduates in kerala.. (I have just passed out from a leading institute in Kerala )

I was under the assumption that the learning-by-heart technique will work only till 12th! But now, I can say without any doubt that, by simple ' learning by heart technique ' one can get good scores!

All subjects are pure theory based. Thats fine becoz a good theoretical foundation is necessary. But with mere theory no one can become a true engineer. The exam methodology is testing your ability to memorize things rather than checking your knowledge and applicability. 5 modules per subject,6 subjects per semester, 8 semesters like this will make a graduate who can be put to little use in real industry.

The only thing which tests the real talent of students are academic projects. But unfortunately, we have 100's of institutes offering so called 'project guidance' to students where most students "buy" projects from them present before the teachers and even worse, teachers don't even have the ability to find plagiarism.

IT industries have realized this and are offering rigorous training to all freshers before being put to any useful work. Most company's claim that they spend lakhs of rupees to train a individual. I was wondering, if our educational system can be modified slightly, in accordance with industrial needs, companies could save millions of ruppes and hell lot of time. The IT training industry is the biggest gainers of this defective system with a size of Rs5,000-6,000 crores.

Even a simple change in syllabus or teaching methodology or testing methodology can make remarkable changes in quality of around 4 lakhs engineers passing out from various engg. colleges across the country.

We should focus more on Knowledge rather than Information. Why don't our system be changed to produce 'TRUE ENGINEERS" who are employable. Hope initiatives like CampusConnect launched by Infosys will see good result.


  1. agree with u completely on tat matter.. think i will hav to come with my own college to correct the situation :)

  2. Welcome Don Paul! Lets start one engg college!

  3. Me too agree with wut u said da..but my opinion ,the quality of teachers reallly matters.....There should be a fixed criteria while seleting a teacher for a preofessional college,not just degree,PG ,, hold nd al.....According to me that is the biggest crisis engineering colleges,especially computer science face .....Most of them dont have practical knowledge,and that s the reason why they just dont have t capacity to provide proper lab guidence...
    Ofcourse we r just studying theory,but if the teacher s can link it with its real world application, it l be worth ...But unfortunately,they are not aware about wuts hapng outside the syllabus and department......

    You have mentioned that the most useful part in b tech is project....100% correct.....But still y these people wont understand that,Not even a single person in the department who knows hard core coding.....yy y????

  4. Eeyede ente CMA sir parayuvaayirnnu, nammude naattil, they check our memory power for exams, more than our understanding ability or practical application... This is very very wrong... Pakshe US-ilokke aangengil it's just the opposite. In India, an essay question would mean minimum 5-10 pages... When sir was discussing about the CMA exams, he said there'd be essay questions. Appo we all got tensed. Pinne he's said, essay means maximum 5-10 lines!! Njaan sherikyum antham vittu poyi...

    I'm not saying theory onnum padikyenda aavashyam illa... Nee paranjapole, a theoretical foundation is vital. And enthokke aayaalum, our Indian students are among the smartest in the world, be it any field. However, our teaching system should perhaps be modified a little bit...