Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cloud Computing for you!

Anyone who frequently uses internet would have come across the term ‘cloud computing’ at some point or other. And most likely, majority will think it is some ‘hi-tech’ thing or something which doesnt fall in my area of interest. Yes, you are right- its hi-tech funda, but its aint something which doesnt affect you!

I dont intend to give a tutorial on ‘cloud computing’ here, but I will try to explain how you can benefit from this revoultionary technology. By definition Cloud computing is a way of computing, via the Internet, that broadly shares computer resources instead of using software or storage on a local PC.

Let whatever be its definition,here goes the simplest example of cloud computing which is applicable to all of us!.
Simple: go to and sign in with you gmail id. Thats it, you will now see options to create documents,excels,power points etc right in you browser (similar to creating docs using ms-word)! Your files can be organised in folders like you do in your normal desktop. You dont want to install any software and the best thing is you dont have to pay a penny to use this. You get all the features you get in microsoft office and you will never lose your files when you format your system or buy a new system! Your files are safely stored in google servers and you can access it from anywhere in world (of course u need a internet connection). You can even invite your friends to view/edit the files stored online.
Yes, this is google docs, and its cloud computing for you!

(Note: Techies dont read this!!)


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  2. Is cloud servers different from so called cloud computing.......??

  3. cloud servers r the machines who does the 'computing'