Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Most exciting things @ IT Companies!!

  • Being trained in 4 different technologies back to back and then getting a project which uses a 5th technology! (flexiblityyyyy!)
  • Changing client and project 5 times in 1 month! (wow..! wow..!!)
  • Working 15-18hours a day including weekends and finally getting the comment “You should work more” from managers!
  • Topping in .net/java trainings and end up working in infrastructure management, handling ‘Desktop Shift Requests’ and ‘Software Installation Requests’ for people from same batch!!
  • Getting calls from offshore folks @ midnight when @onsite. (Great na! Ur 3 year old kids get to grow up learning business issues!)
  • Working in production support for applications developed by someone else and without any documentation!
  • Being loyal to the company by sticking on for 5 years and later realize that the guy who jumped to another firm and now joined back the original company is getting double the salary!!
  • You get to tell “WHAT THE *******” after seeing payslips of your junior people!
  • Reading in news that your company has come on top in some ‘best companies to work for’ list when you have never seen any happy employee!.
  • Your manager getting the credit for all the good ideas you suggested and when any of them fails, you alone taking the blame!


  1. u got so much to write in ur resume' man.. :P

  2. Hey damn true man.You wrote almost everything wht I have been thinking for the past few months..I agree completely.

  3. @roneyt

    @bala(as in roneyz manager)
    odivaaa odivaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Nice observations and I think 7th point is the best and the worst....they dont give a shit for our loyalty and that makes us think Why the F*&% shud we be loyal...

  5. planning to do a reality show!!! thts gonna be one hell of a success.... :) A master is always the one who reeps the best out of the harvest and burn the crop if there is no yield, you decide which side you want be dude.. the master or the crop.. :P

  6. u r turning out to be an IT critic:)..

  7. hey cijo its me who posted th eabove comment..Divya

  8. I am just offering constructive criticism. I will make this point more clear in next post, Divya. :)