Sunday, January 10, 2010

Three Idiots Review

3-Idiots Review.

Yea...Blogs are already full with 3-Idiots review and Aamir-Chetan Bhagat fights, still, I thought I will give my own version

As all says, Its really nice movie , worth watching twice J I am not that comfortable with Hindi, so missed some of the scenes! Still enjoyed a lot! J

1st of all, a special token of Appreciation to Aamir Khan for picking only the right movies unlike most actors. Just looking back..All of his movies were special in a way or other..Lagaan,Dil Chahta Hai, Mangal Pandey, Fanaa, Tare Zameen Par,Ghajini,..its a long list! If all actors become more selective in doing movies, then industry wouldn’t suffer this much loss.

Now, coming back to 3 Idiots, following are certain points which I noted.

1) I 1) I haven’t read FivePointSomeone and have no idea how much this movie is based on the book! But still, they could have given credits to C.Bhagat at the beginning titles.

2) 2) The movie has several scenes/scripts which I have seen in many forward mails/websites. Some of there are ... A shot where a guy is taking photo of some girls with their face fully covered...Aamir’s doubt ‘why didn’t they use pencil’.... ‘how induction motor starts scene...drrrr..drrr..’...

3) 3) Aamir’s view of education system – I totally agree with that and we all know he is right!!

4) 4) Cinematography : especially towards end of the move. Ladakh or some place? Nice scenic beauty and it was captured very well..

5) 5) Songs were average only..Behti Hawa.. is an exception.

6) 6)My fav scenes: Giving electric shock, Aamir and Boman Irani, both taking out and giving the office key...Aamirs lecture on education system...”My 3000$ watch!!!” ..etc...

VVOverall a nice experience. It’s already biggest grosser ever for bollywood with over 200cr grossed beating Ghajini! (Word is that, in its 10 day run, 3 Idiots crossed entire worldwide gross for Ghajini!)

Aamir is the most bankable actor now in bollywood! J


  1. Nice was an awesome movie and as u said Aaamir is very selective in his roles and thats why he has just under 50 movies in his long career but then again atleast 80% of his movies are worthy of high praise...

  2. although not an AK fan, hav to agree that he is the most bankable actor.. only if he ws a better human being..

  3. being an Aamir fan , its a treat to watch too many good films in row!!!