Sunday, September 27, 2009

One of my fav teacher-Eldo P Alias

One of my fav teacher. Eldo P Alias

Yesterday was the marriage of Eldo P Alias, my teacher at engineering college. Was thinking about writing about one of my all-time favourite teachers, but this is the best time to do that!!

I forgot to give him a wedding gift , so here goes my wedding gift!

He taught us a wide range of topics, starting with 8085 microprocessors,then advanced microprocessors,operating systems, linux kernel.......

“A guy with sense” describes him the best! He may not be the best in technical knowledge, he may not be the most lavish in awarding marks, and he may not have a degree from IIT, but I respect him for his ability to understand the students. He put himself in the shoes of the students often and thats what makes him my favourite! We had several instances during our college life where he has helped us a lot. Our college tour , tops the list!! (I dont wanna detail it here!)

He mingled with the students as if we were his friends. Ain’t this the thing which makes a teacher the best???

Some of the things i remember about him!!

Just before an internal exam, we people ask him like “whether this Question is important? Will this come for tomorows exam?” etc... he smiles and replies “varaanum chance undu..varathirikkanum chance undu” (There is a chance that it might come, but at the same time it may not come also!!)

I think he gave us some hints about q-paper only when he thought we deserved it! (i am not sure about this point)

He never grew mustache till we reached final year! There were all sort of rumours when he started growing one!! (reltd to GirlFriend/Marriage etc!)

He was quite famous for his PJ’s (chalus!!)... Sorry i am not able to recollect any now!

He dresses smart, and looks handsome. And unlike any typical guy, he was very careful while driving (used to see him in his Yamaha Libero most days! ).

He is not a teacher who comes and gives you ‘n’ advices about career and all... but he regularly talked about the imp. Of having good communication skills etc in securing a good job. He regularly attended Infosys training programs (TTT-train the trainer!)

Never gets upset and has good self control. (When Mr.Brainy interferes him with hi-tech doubts while he is taking class, he calmly replies “Mr.Brainy.. “thokkiil kayari vedi veykkale!!””)

I still remember the days when u asked me not to sit with Mr.Brainy, when we were a nuissance in the class!

The list will go on....!

I invite my classmates to share you thoughts here!!

“Happy Married Life” Dear Sir!!

(M y poor rhetoric skills might have under-stated him! Sorry about that!)


  1. Nice one Cijo..Good Effort..Undoubtedly he is one of the best teachers MACE has seen.I am sure we all will be cherishing those memories for a life time..
    @Eldo Sir-Happy Married Life...

  2. happy married life DEAR Sir......he is among the very few who stood with us....i remember tht with all respect

  3. Wish you a happy married life sir. More than a teacher, he was one among us. I still remember the IV days, we enjoyed a lot with him. By singing, dancing and making fun we were enjoying like anything. No wonder why he is the best.. :)

  4. wish you a peaceful married life.

  5. frankly speaking i wud hav hesitated, if it was anybdy els mrg.. since it ws edo sir's mrg tat i came.. one of the few teachers whom i respect in college with all my heart.. ( and frankly i thought he wud remembr me too.. though tat wsnt the case :P) one of bst teachers at MACE.. happy maried life sir..

  6. gud effort cijo !!!

    @ Sir:Wish U a happy married life !!!